Bette Ridgeway

"As a painter, my primary focus is on color, structure, space (both negative and positive), and translucent, layered, abstract imagery."

As an artist, teacher, web designer, and jewelry designer, Bette Ridgeway's daily life typically combines several distinct identities. However, issues of beauty, taste, color, and form infuse each endeavor in unique ways, along with the artist's lifelong delight in all things new, intriguing, and unexpected.

Inspired by her collaboration with famed Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro on his 2013 women's wear collection, Ridgeway has designed her own signature scarves. Each one is inspired by a painting, capturing her transparent, light-filled style on 100% silk.

Ridgeway's work is represented in galleries throughout the USA and is part of many private and public collections, including the Federal Reserve Bank, Northwestern College, and the John Deere Corporate Art Collection.