Steven Bronstein

Blackthorne Forge

"Elemental, unrefined, simple--iron isn't that many steps away from dirt, but in the right hands, it can be used to create something truly beautiful."

It is this duality, the simplicity of ironwork and its potential for sophistication and beauty, that has defined Steven Bronstein's work at Blackthorne Forge for almost 30 years. Blacksmithing is recognized as one of the "Traditional Crafts" and this tradition connects Bronstein to the long lineage of blacksmiths who have been making beautiful objects for people for over 3000 years. The basic technique, and the freedom that it allows, fulfills Steven Bronstein's desire to transform a block of steel into something tactile and usable. His goal is to create objects that make us want to touch them, to pick them up, to make them part of our lives.