Boline Strand

Boline Strand Jewelry

"In addition to being sculptural embellishments, I see my jewelry as declarations of identity: iconic talismans that may inspire and evoke memories and emotional responses, while expressing aspects of the wearer's personal history. "

In her work with metals and stones, Boline Strand explores certain thematic forms that have followed her since early childhood and that evolve as she works with them in new, ever-changing variations. Both simple and ornate designs and color compositions inspire Strand, whether found in nature, ancient and modern art, or the world around us.

Strand creates her designs using traditional metalsmithing techniques and hand tools, often modifying old hand tools and found steel elements that may have been originally intended for a different purpose.

Boline Strand was initially studying painting and mosaic when she discovered her art school's metalsmithing department. It felt like a natural progression that her interest in form, color, and historical adornment should be combined in the medium of metalsmithing.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
La Frontera - Encounters Along the Border, New York City, NY, Museum of Arts and Design, 2018
STYLE '18, San Francisco, CA, Museum of Craft and Design, 2018
American Craft Show, San Francisco, CA, Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, 2017
ARTWEAR At The de Young, San Francisco, CA, The de Young Museum, 2016
American Craft Council Show, San Francisco, CA, Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, 2016