Bonnie Bishoff and J.M. Syron

Bonnie Bishoff J. M. Syron

"We create polymer confections for all those who take pleasure in the handmade and love color and design. "

Bonnie Bishoff and her artistic partner and husband, J.M. Syron, have been collaborating as artists since 1987. Bishoff creates exuberant shawl pins, combining her love of color, pattern, and knitting with the challenge of simple functionality. Their artwork features highly decorative veneers of polymer clay on an unusually large scale. The original metal designs are cast for them in in New England.

Bonnie Bishoff and J.M. Syron believe that people have a strong resonance with the basic elements of design found in nature, and they try to reflect those lines and patterns in their work. Repetition also plays a large part in their designs, with inspiration from fractal geometry patterns such as those found in shells, plants, and even cells.