Boo Poulin

Studio 110

"My work is spare and strong. It is the sanctuary that sustains me. "

Graphic, geometric, and precision-oriented, Boo Poulin's work incorporates sterling silver, semi-precious stones, and steel cable into the context of jewelry. Poulin deliberately combines precious and non-precious materials and merges industrial technology with traditional handcrafting techniques. She aims to extend the traditional parameters of the jewelry object as well as express a personal aesthetic.

Because it is created with alternative materials such as cable and rubber, Poulin's jewelry is cast and fabricated using unique joining techniques. Sometimes, screws are embedded below the surface to provide hidden joinery. At other times, channels formed with tubing are used instead of holes, while heavy, filed texture and oxidation provide visual surface interest.

After studying with Albert Paley at SUNY Brockport, Boo Poulin received her MFA from the School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology. She maintains a design and production studio in downtown Rochester, New York, and continues to sell her work to craft galleries and museum shops. She has been fortunate to have had great teachers and role models who have encouraged the development of her unique personal aesthetic.