Boyan Moskov

Boyan Pottery

"Working with clay brings balance and satisfaction to my life. It could be just an illusion, but I find it's one of the best ways to stay positive."

After studying drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics in art school, Boyan Moskov felt that ceramics was the area in which he could express himself the best. He enjoys ceramics because it includes all the elements of fine art: sculpting, drawing, and painting.

Boyan Moskov throws his work on the wheel and then manipulates by hand. He completes multiple firings to 1222 degrees Celsius to get the desired effect. He uses metal oxides to add more color variations and a golden glaze to accent the work.

Boyan Moskov was born in Ruse, Bulgaria, and was drawn to art from an early age. In 1987, he began his training at Troyan Art School in Bulgaria. He continued his education at the Sofia Art Academy in Bulgaria. He gained additional training and exhibition experience in Sweden where he lived and worked for three years. In 2003, Moskov returned to Bulgaria to start his own pottery business. In 2007, Moskov and his wife moved to the United States and settled in his wife's home state of New Hampshire. Since that time, he has been developing his skills as a ceramic artist, gaining recognition among his peers and exploring his medium.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Newbury, NH, Living with Craft, 2011
New Hampshire Potters Guild, Concord, NH, Kimball Jenkins School of Art, 2009
League of NH Craftsmen, Newbury, NH, Living with Craft, 2009
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Newbury, NH, Living with Craft, 2012