Bryan Randa

"I love the process of making a piece of glass. From the first moments of an idea that is dancing around your mind to the challenging construction of the molten material, every step of the process is unique. "

Bryan Randa's intricate figures reveal the artist's keen eye for detail. He creates each one through lampworking, using a torch to melt and shape borosilicate glass rods or tubes. Fine detail is achieved by beating a specific area of the glass and making lines or dents with a variety of hand tools. He often combines lampworked elements with blown glass vessels to create truly extraordinary works of art.

Bryan Randa began working with glass in 2004 at McDermott Glass Studio in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Working under David McDermott and Yukimi Matsumoto in an intense apprenticeship, Randa gained great skill and passion for glass. In 2006, Randa began his lampworking career making small figurines for the Sandwich Glass Museum.

Although mostly self-taught, Randa has studied with well-known artists such as Milon Townsend and Sally Prasch. His work can be found in galleries nationwide, including The Corning Museum of Glass.