Carol Carson

"I have made things my entire life. Glass allows me to build spaces in color one can almost step into."

Inspired by the ability of color to transform space and depth, Carol Carson sees glass as a building medium. Her goal is to create light and space that one can enter into.

Carol Carson works her pieces of glass in layers and with repeated firings. She views the process as drawing with powdered glass--adding color in the form of crushed glass and glass powders. Each piece is fired at temperatures of 1450 degrees, which takes two to three days. The process is repeated when the artist turns each piece over, draws additional imagery on the reverse side, and fires again.

Carol Carson received her BFA from the New York Institute of Technology.

Art Glass Sculpture

$ 900
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 600
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 450
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 1,800
Art Glass Sculpture

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
eMerge International Glass Competition, Bullseye Resource Center, Portland Oregon, 2006