Carol Turner

"We create relaxed dressing, with style and comfort, made of the finest fabrics from the US and around the world."

In 1986, Carol Turner opened a tiny little store in San Angelo, Texas, where she created custom design and sewing. Two years later she moved out of custom work and created a line of clothing for specialty stores nationwide. From the beginning, Carol Turner focused on clothing that is both comfortable and sophisticated --"just like the women that we live and work with."

Inspired by the diversity of the lives of the women around her, Turner credits them for the focus of her clothing design. These women are " always working, always giving family, to friends, to good causes, to employees and employers, to students, to customers and clients. And somewhere in all of this they find time to take care of themselves!"

These are the women that Carol Turner would would like her clothing to appeal to, all across the country, and the reason she creates clothing that is always easy to care for and easy to wear, clothing that is comfortable and sophisticated.

Collared Long Tunic
Linen Tunic

$ 198 - $ 218