Carolyn Zakarija

"My body of work has an elegant simplicity of form with a tactile twist. I wish for my creative expression to be a part of your personal expression. "

Originally from London, a place with all the stimuli of a major capital city, Zakarija is inspired by her past. She feels that one never forgets one's background; it's the treasure within. As the granddaughter of a silversmith and engineer and the daughter of a true English gardener, Zakarija finds that her love of fauna, flora, and metals comes naturally.

In this body of work, Zakarija explores all the different ways to mill, stamp, forge, fold, and hand fabricate silver and gold without the use of heat. She uses contrasting yet harmonious textures to add warmth to the silver and complement the gold. The forms may repeat, but they also give an abstract interpretation of their origins, whether flora, architecture, or the human form.

Carolyn Zakarija received a BA honors degree in metalwork from Middlesex University in London. She apprenticed with goldsmith John Donald in London before coming to the US. She has been inspired by various workshops as well as places she has traveled, especially Indonesia, Japan, and Central America. She now works and designs out of her studio in Pennsylvania.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Art in the High Desert, Bend, Oregon, 2011
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore. MD, 2019
Pennsylvania Guild of Fine Craft Fairs, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 2012
Best of Show,Frederick Festival to the Arts, Frederick, Maryland, 2004
Award of Excellence,Frederick Festival of the Arts, Frederick, Maryland, 2005.2006
Award of Distinction.Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, State College, Pennsylvania, 2008
Paradise City Arts Festival, Northampton and Marlborough, Massachussetts, 2009,2010,2011,2012
Artfair Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 2010.2011