Cherie Haney

"Metal has always been a calling of mine. I love the feel of it and its historic connection to the industry of my home near Detroit, Michigan. I also enjoy being in nature and experiencing natural and organic influences. I am fascinated by the colors I see during mountain biking trips through the Sonoran desert; the way light hits ripples of water when I’m kayaking in the Florida mangroves; the Zen practice of stacking rocks in rivers and natural settings; and the play of form in shadows and light that I see while hiking. My work draws from the balance of opposing forces coming together to form a harmonious whole. An example of my inspiration would be the dilapidation and industrial decay existing in Detroit as a backdrop to the city’s historic art deco skyscrapers. Other important influences are midcentury modern textiles and bio-medical illustrations."

Cherie Haney's artwork has a dynamic, sculptural element. Her artistry is additive, with many shapes and patterns coming together in each finished piece. She brings together natural elements in a way that synthesizes the organic and industrial in a harmony of balanced opposition. There is tension, but only in the sense that conflict is an integral part of completeness. Materials, forms, and negative space all reflect this point. With inspiration from nature and from industry, her artwork expresses an inherent beauty in the uneasiness of modern life.

Cherie often begins her process with pen and paper. She draws patterns by hand and digitizes them to be used as computer numeric control (CNC) patterns to use a hydro-abrasive cutter which cuts the design into aluminum sheets. The metal is then surfaced by hand for a satin, reflective sheen before being powder coated. She then layers various elements, spaced apart using hardware or welding techniques. Each work has two or more layers.

Cherie began her formal art education at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She went on to earn her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Eastern Michigan University. After graduating, Cherie held an apprenticeship lasting five years with a professional artist where she was able to hone her artistic skills and learn the business side of being an artist. She began working on her own and selling her artwork at various festivals and fairs in 1997.