Cherie Haney

"In my metal art, I work to achieve bold expressive lines that create patterns. Each patterned layer works in contrast, struggling to set itself apart yet finding completion as a whole."

Cherie Haney cuts patterns out of sheet metal, patinates the pieces, and layers them to create eclectic modern work for the wall. Smooth simple lines and curves are pierced into the metal sheets resulting in patterns with flawless edges. The surface of each layer is developed to create contrast and to set it apart from the layer behind.

Metal, as a medium, has been Haney's calling. Starting with jewelry in high school, Cherie Haney earned a scholarship to study at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. Her metal-working grew beyond the scope of body adornment to house jewelry. In 1994 Cherie earned her BFA from Eastern Michigan University, followed by a five year apprenticeship with a professional artist.