Cheryl Wolff

"I believe that the ordinary objects we surround ourselves with, the pieces we use, and the things we look at day after day should add beauty to our environment and make us happy when using them. "

Cheryl Wolff loves creating. She loves the focus, the preoccupation, and the process. Her work is handcrafted in her home studio in Northern California, surrounded by redwood trees, nature, and wildlife. All of these have influenced her in designing simple, elegant pieces that reflect the quiet, calm essence of the natural world. Her goal is to contribute beauty, simplicity, and a sense of harmony through her work.

Wolff uses a combination of techniques to create her pieces. She hand builds, throws on the pottery wheel, and casts from original molds. Most work is a combination of at least two of these processes. Once the basic form is created, each piece is hand cut and altered. Her glazes are mixed in her studio and are designed to be beautiful, durable, and easy to care for.

Clay and the processes involved with it have intrigued Wolff for over 30 years. She first discovered pottery through a community class in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Since then, she has had fun exploring clay with others. She has learned a great deal from potters she admires and respects through workshops and classes. She has also been inspired while teaching and sharing clay with children, adults, and seniors. The inspiration for her first bird feeders came from a children's summer class. These unexpected moments are what keep her engaged in a creative life.