Claudia Endler

Claudia Endler Designs

"I use the power of proportion, attention to detail, and the omission of the non-essential elements to bring each piece to its minimum and purest form." "

Claudia Endler is passionate about graphic design, art, and architecture, where she finds inspirations for her jewelry designs. The essence is to illuminate the unique qualities that define each person, individually. Endler's designs offer distinctive alternatives to the traditional fare. "Jewelry is body language. I see it as a way to discover, express, and reveal," says Endler.

Working in a variety of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, each piece is individually made either through hand-carving in wax or the fabrication process. By hand-finishing with contrasting high-polished sides and matte or sandpaper finishes, the artist accentuates the dimension and clean form of each piece.

After several years in the fashion business in Los Angeles, Claudia Endler started taking jewelry fabrication and wax carving techniques through UCLA Extension program. She continued her education with several private instructors and through Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
AGTA Spectrum Awards, Casual Wear Winner 3rd Place, Dallas, Tx, USA, 2006
PERLE UTOPIA INTERNATIONAL Design Competition, Finalist, , Italy, Italy, 1998
SOFA, New York, NY, 2008
Contermporary Craft Market, San Francisco, CA, 2007
Phillis Morris Award for Design , West Hollywood, West Hollywood, 2009