Terry Gomien


" Color is my playground; geometry and composition define the boundaries within which I play."

As a child, Terry Gomien lusted after that big box of crayons with the sharpener on the back. That vast array of richly hued wax sticks formed her initial color theory. She continues to play with the same vibrant palette translated now with glass.

Gomien creates one of a kind glass sheets for her work.The meditative process of manipulating glass powder adds an intended depth to her pieces.She patiently assembles sheets of tiny glass threads into vibrant undulating waves of color.She fires these sheets.She hand cuts them and combines the graphic details with vibrant sheet glass to create her compositions.Multiple firings complete the work.

As a former toy inventor, Gomien developed an insatiable curiosity. This lead her to a glass class at Lill Street Art, Chicago and she was hooked. It was her travels to Bullseye Glass, Portland however, that started her real training. Many workshops later instructors Patty Gray, Kari Minnick, Richard Parrish and Elise Kendrot most influence her current work.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore, Maryland, 2016
American Craft Council Show, Atlanta, Georgia, 2015, 2016