Cynthia Myers

Cynthia Myers Glass

"I use sand under pressure to carve and etch my artwork onto hand blown glass. I am a self-taught glass etcher, learning my art in the barnyard of my family farm in Northern California I've now honed my etching and my artwork over 30 years and have been continuously inspired by the wild nature that surrounds me in my garden here on the edge of the Pacific Ocean."

Cynthia is in love with her work, oddly it took her many years to appreciate her own talent and to feel confident that she could create beautiful pieces of art. If you look back at her beginnings, she always had the talent to draw and re create her artwork on glass with expertise. She can now can say with confidence that she has a unique talent and is a gifted glass etch artist.

First Cynthia begins with hand- blown glass by Slow Burn Glass who design shapes and color combinations specifically for Cynthia to etch. She covers this glass with sandblasting tape, draws her artwork on the tape, then she cuts the tape with a razor. She sandblasts through the glass, cutting the lip away, changing the shape, and pulling the tape pieces one at a time to create the art.

Cynthia started sandblasting glass using her father's compressor in the barnyard of his farm in Northern California more than 30 years ago. She worked in the glass etch studios of Mary Alice Hawke and Valerie Surjan in Chico in the 80's before starting her own studio and business. She has shown in galleries all over the country and her art glass is collected worldwide.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Buyers Market, Convention Center, Philadelphia, 1995