Kyle Dallman

Dallman Studio Furniture

"When a piece of art is created, it grows within us. It changes as we change. It develops as we develop until it finally becomes a tangible object, a snapshot of us in time."

Kyle Dallman loves making things with his hands. For Dallman, the creative process is as important as the finished product. First, the artist develops his artistic ideas into sketches and then turns his sketches into tangible pieces of art.

Dallman constructs his lamps and tables from fine woods including solid walnut, cherry, and alder. He textures the surfaces using carving tools, and finishes each lamp with a shade that will provide a very subtle illumination.

With a background in furniture-making as well as art, Dallman constructs each piece using the best possible means of joinery. His goal is to ensure that his work will be around long after he is gone.

Wood Floor Lamp

$ 2,900
Wood Floor Lamp

$ 5,900
Wood Floor Lamp

$ 6,000
Wood Floor Lamp

$ 2,900
Wood Floor Lamp

$ 4,100
Wood Console Table

$ 2,950