David Melnick

Dana David Jewelry

"I design jewelry that reflects my passion for great design, yet is fashionable enough for everyday wear."

Melnick's Dana David Collection redefines modern luxury with jewelry for the way we live. Inspired by graphics and architecture, the bold, sculptural designs combine classic elegance and attention to detail. Each piece expresses the individuality and self-confidence of the woman who wears it; every design is a fashionable statement of luxury and edgy femininity.

The artist's background in graphic design clearly influences the jewelry, and is especially evident in the Graffiti Collection, which includes graphic icons and scribble designs in gold and diamonds. Though these designs would look at home in the pages of a design publication, the fact that they are jewelry, worn on the body, gives them an entirely new dimension that is fresh, modern, and luxurious.

Meticulously crafted using the finest materials, the pure shapes and satin finishes are designed to enhance the natural beauty and elegance of the metal and stones. To make each clean, sculptural designs, Melnick creates models and casts the components for each piece, then assembles and finishes the jewelry by hand. Finally, each piece is signed with a trademark logo star.

Cono Stack Ring
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 590 - $ 1,770
Cono Bow Hoop Earring
Gold & Stone Earrings

$ 1,820
Cono Cluster Hinged Hoop
Gold & Stone Earrings

$ 1,580
Meridian Round Pendant
Gold & Stone Necklace

$ 3,440
Scribble Thompson Earrings
Gold & Stone Earrings

$ 2,280
Cono Meridian Bracelet
Gold & Stone Bracelet

$ 6,260
Cono Huggie Earring
Gold & Stone Earrings

$ 840
Scribble Small Diamond Cluster Hoops
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 980
Scribble Diamond Cluster Hoops
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 1,060
Scribble Small Swivel Hoops
Gold & Stone Earrings

$ 1,275
Carnival Earrings
Gold & Stone Earrings

$ 790
Curl Stud Earrings
Gold & Stone Earrings

$ 1,055