Danielle Styles

"Exploring the world of fused glass has led me to a love and admiration for the medium and of its strikingly vibrant colors, and of the gloss and shine of a finished and fired piece."

Danielle Styles uses her background in illustration as inspiration for her color combinations and compositional elements. Being a lover of nature and especially of the animal world is quite apparent in her pieces. She loves the challenges and nuances working in glass presents, as well as how satisfying it is when a piece comes out just how she imagined (or sometimes even better!)

Danielle uses a glass cutter to cut out the shapes she desires in colored glass sheets. She also uses paint to enhance her work and add a distinctive illustrative touch. Fusing the pieces together forms a smooth, precise design.

Danielle Styles graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a degree in illustration in 2012. Two years prior to graduating she clandestinely met and began working with fused glass artist extraordinaire (and fellow Artful Home contributor) Nina Cambron. Ten years later she is still working with Nina as a studio assistant, while also pursuing illustration work on the side. Working with Nina has brought about Danielle's love for the medium of glass as well as growing her sense of design, composition, and color theory.