David N. Ebner

David N. Ebner - Artist/Craftsman

"I approach my art intuitively as well as intellectually, drawing inspiration wherever I find it."

With the pursuit of an elegant simplicity in mind, David N. Ebner has been creating furniture for over three decades. He approaches his designs as a craftsman dedicated to the medium of wood. His thoughts on chairs, for instance: "They should be structurally sound, simple, comfortable, and healthy as well as beautiful. They should be good enough to be appreciated for at least the next hundred years." The function and beauty of any one of Ebner's pieces will always result from the feel, smell, and shape of the particular wood from which it has been crafted.

Ebner finds inspiration in the local landscape, as well as in the rich history of his chosen medium. He continually searches out new perspectives through which to explore the traditional forms of furniture design.