Deborah Murphy

"I am basically an artist who makes clothing. I try to combine my love of color and texture with a design that is beautiful, comfortable and easy to care for."

When artist Deborah Murphy traveled the world with her husband, a Professor of Ancient History, she became fascinated with the ancient pottery, sculpture, and mosaics. She realized that these were reconstructed from just a few broken shards by an archeologist, sitting at a table covered with broken pieces, who was trying to envision the whole.

Murphy realized that is what she had long been doing in her work, taking bits and pieces of many different kinds of fabric and putting them together, not always knowing for sure what they would become. Murphy's work uses all silk fabrics of different kinds and textures. She dyes all the colors and often over-dyes numerous times to achieve the subtle colors that she loves.

Deborah Murphy studied painting and sculpture at the University of California. When she graduated, she decided to combine her emphasis in color and texture with her love of creating unique, unusual clothing. Even after 35 years, the artist still loves to discover new ways to do things, new techniques, new ways to put fabrics together to create beautiful clothing.