Dennis Higgins

"I see the human body as planes of light. All the beautiful shapes that dance on those planes of light inspire me to design jewelry that lends bold style, elegance and beauty to your body--and your life." "

Jewelry designer Dennis Higgins believes a piece of jewelry has to feel good. It needs to be exquisite to look at and wonderful to wear. Each piece should feel comfortable and sexy on your body. Every shape has a mission: to evoke passion in the person wearing it--you! You will want to touch it, to wear it. And it will smile back at you when you look at it.

Everything in the Higgins collection is handmade. The parts are cut and then formed in the end grains of hardwoods and then shaped over metal stakes. All the shapes are born in his studio. The textures and finishes are achieved with tumbling and finishing procedures, as well as the polishing methods that have been developed in-house and reflect Higgins's aesthetic standards. Each piece is one of a kind.

Dennis Higgins studied at the University of San Francisco and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He apprenticed master jeweler Jean Lagnier in San Francisco. He built on that base, developing on his style and techniques in his studio. He was a pioneer in men's and women's black chrome jewelry.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Material Pleasures, Queens Museum, Queens New York, 1984
Traveling exhibition, Tokyo&Osaka japan, Japan, 1984
Ourhaus, Fashion Institute of technology, New York NY, 1983
one man show, Artwear, New York NY, 1980
Accent on Design, Javits Center, New York NY, 1986-1992
Group shows at The Red Studio, the Red Studio, New York NY, 1984-1986
Group show, Mathews Hamilton Gallery, Philadelphia PA, 1984
Collected by Candace Bergen, NYC NY, NYC NY, 1983
Collected by Red Grooms, NYC NY, NYC NY, 1987
No Name, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC NY, Part of the permanent collection