Doug Gillis

Doug Gillis Fused Glass

"Using a modular and contemporary approach, my work attempts to integrate the science of heat and light with the organic nature of fused glass. I attribute my aesthetic styling to the European Bauhaus designs I studied extensively at Ohio State University."

Fused glass artist Doug Gillis believes that it's the processes and materials themselves that inspire his drive to exhibit art's elements: line, pattern, texture, balance, color, light and composition. He believes these are the aesthetic rewards of letting Earth's natural materials express themselves as fine art, unconstrained by the limitations of utility and function.

Doug Gillis is recognized for introducing non-traditional materials (metals, organic materials, etc.) into the melting process. In other ways, he remains loyal to centuries-old glassmaking traditions in his use of hand tools to form and finish each piece individually.

Doug Gillis received a B.S. in Industrial Design at Ohio State. He was an Art Director in Los Angeles, Orlando, and The Netherlands. He has supplemented his formal education and professional experience by taking fused glass courses at the University of New Mexico and at the Bullseye Studio in Santa Fe. He continually explores new materials and techniques.

Spring Blossoms
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 550
A River Flows
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 570
Aspen Stand
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 570
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 570
Copper Canyon by Doug Gillis (Art Glass Wall Sculpture)
Copper Canyon
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
MCA Museum Contemporary (Spring Exhibit), Mesa, AZ, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, 2017
The Glory of Glass, Sarasota, FL, 530 Burns Gallery, 2017
Doug Gillis - Solo Show, Sedona, AZ, Modern Masters Gallery, 2017
Bauhaus Revisited, Santa Fe, NM, USA, Canyon Road Contemporary Gallery, 2016
Taos International Biennial Glass Exhibit, Taos, NM, USA, Mission Gallery, 2014