Edward Kranick

"As another artist once told me, you can't spell 'painting' without 'pain.'"

Ed Kranick is an architect with a preoccupation for other visual arts, primarily painting. The artist was born in 1967 and raised in New York. After spending most of his life creating art in various forms, he decided to acquire a degree in architecture at Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. Soon after graduating in 1991, Kranick moved to Seattle to pursue his career while maintaining an avid interest in many art mediums.

Kranick has experience with several Seattle design firms and a variety of project types, most significantly his two-year contribution to the development of the new Seattle Public Library. The artist found this project particularly rewarding due to the civic stature of the building and the collaboration, locally and in Rotterdam, with Rem Koolhaas' Office of Metropolitan Architecture.

Concurrent to practicing architecture, Kranick took the opportunity to expand his creative skills under several talented local artists and eventually established his own studio. He now spends his time evenly between art-making and architecture. When doing the former, he mostly paints with occasional periods of monoprinting. The artist is drawn to painting for the autonomy of the creative process, unknowable and cathartic to the rigidity of architecture. Kranick also thrives on the challenge of the medium. As another artist once told him, you can't spell "painting" without "pain."