Karen and James Moustafellos

EnA / Elements and Alloys

"We design jewelry inspired by our architectural training. Our abstract explorations in structure, geometry, and materials enhance the natural beauty of confident, intelligent women."

Karen and James Moustafellos draw upon their architectural training to design their jewelry. An architect always designs with the user in mind, blending art with engineering and function. Their EnA collection brings a refined sense of design to every aspect of the day, from playful to formal, from extraordinary to special. They describe their approach as "the architecture of fine jewelry."

Each piece begins as an architectural drawing and model. From this planning, gold, silver, and steel components are carefully fabricated to build the final form. The minimal designs emphasize the characteristics of the metals and require precise craftsmanship. Subtle variations of handwork are an essential design component, creating tension between the pure forms and the inevitable irregularities.

The Moustafellos' met while studying architecture at Princeton University. Prior to launching their jewelry collection, they worked in numerous award-winning design firms in New York, Philadelphia, and Tokyo. In 2000, they founded a research and design studio to engage in architecture, product development, and cultural inquiry. Their design work is in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Golden Apple Fusion Award, JA Summer Show, New York, NY, 2009
Frame of Referents, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philladelphia, PA, 2004