Enrico Konig

"I love building pieces that require precision. What has become clear to me is the amount of satisfaction gained when hand, tool, and material fruitfully collaborate." "

Furniture-maker Enrico Konig creates pieces that combine simple geometric forms with highly figured woods. Konig begins each design with a series of sketches and scale models, which allows him to fine-tune shape and proportion. Through repeated experimentation, Konig has developed a process of layering laminated woods over handmade forms in a vacuum press to achieve the dynamic curved pieces for which he is known. Enrico Konig's goal with each design is to balance clean, uncluttered design with the symmetry of beautiful book-matched veneers.

Though self-taught in the art of furniture-making, Konig grew up surrounded by tools. His father was a carpenter, and it seemed that his family was always either renovating old houses or building new ones. After working as a carpenter immediately after high school, Konig spent two years traveling in and around Europe, which sparked an interest in art and design. In the 1990s, he completed a BA at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and began to pursue a career in furniture-making.