Eric Pilhofer

"I think of my work as reflecting a spiritual resonance that spans from ancestral musings to contemporary organic forms."

Eric Pilhofer is captivated by the ways sculpture can embody a timeless historical reflection of a culture's beliefs, and how the artist, as interpreter, transforms those beliefs into form. Through the symbolic nature of his work, he pays homage to an ancient spirituality that is captured in the extensive exploration of form, texture, and color.

Pilhofer's sculptural works are primarily hand built using a modified pinch method of construction. Small dabs of clay are added one by one until the form is complete. This technique is slow, tranquil, and meditative, allowing the spirit of the form to evolve over a period of time.

Eric Pilhofer graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of arts degree.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Hopkins ArtStreet Public Art Juried Exhibition, Hopkins, MN, Hopkins, 2016
Concerning the Spiritual, Juried Show, St. Charles, MO, Foundry, 2016
Best of Show Award, 70th AIA Convention, Minneapolis, MN, Minneapolis Convention Center, 2014
Best of Show Award, Midwest Juried Sculpture Show, Minnetonka, MN, Minnetonka Arts Center, 2013
Best of Show Award, Juried Show, Grand Rapids, MN, MacRostie Arts Center, 2012