Etienne Perret

"Rarely does a designer have the opportunity to work in a brand new medium. My ultra-durable gem ceramic is a cutting-edge, high-tech material that allows me to create unique jewelry designs like nothing you've ever seen before."

Etienne Perret is a renowned independent designer who has spent the last 40 years developing fine bridal jewelry in his studio in scenic coastal Maine. He is passionate about creating art that symbolizes the bond of love for couples around the world--and feels honored to do so. His Ceramique collection is an innovative new outlet for his unique vision.

Perret crafts his designs by hand using a balanced combination of both ancient and modern techniques. Blending classic gold and diamonds with high-tech, ultra-durable gem ceramic, he creates a line of jewelry that is unique, stylish, and environmentally friendly.

Perret has a fine arts degree in metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design and a graduate degree in gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. As a member of the American Gem Society and other respected industry organizations, he has spent the last 40 years building a diverse range of experience and knowledge.

Ceramique Pearl Pendant
Ceramic & Pearl Necklace

by Etienne Perret
$ 190
$ 161.50
Spinning Saturn Band
Ceramic Ring

by Etienne Perret
$ 360
$ 306
Ceramique Diamond Dangle Earrings
Gold, Stone, & Ceramic Earrings

by Etienne Perret
$ 1,290
$ 1,096.50
Ceramique Evelyn Diamond Ring
Ceramic, Gold, & Stone Ring

by Etienne Perret
$ 2,650
$ 2,252.50
Ceramique Diamond Stud Earrings
Gold, Diamond & Ceramic Earrings

by Etienne Perret
$ 950
$ 807.50
Ceramique Bangle Bracelet
Ceramic Bracelet

by Etienne Perret
$ 200
$ 170
Ceramique Maxine Diamond Ring
Ceramic, Gold & Stone Ring

by Etienne Perret
$ 8,680
$ 7,378
Ceramique Starlight Diamond Ring
Ceramic & Stone Ring

by Etienne Perret
$ 4,280
$ 3,638
Ceramique Daisy Diamond Ring
Ceramic & Stone Ring

by Etienne Perret
$ 3,900
$ 3,315
Ceramique Jennifer Diamond Ring
Ceramic & Stone Ring

by Etienne Perret
$ 560
$ 476
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Couture Jewelry Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, The Wynn Casino, Annually
Hong Kong Gem & Jewellery Fair, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention Center, Annually
Inhorgenta Jewelry Show, Munich, Germany, Munich Convention Center, Annually
NICHE Bridal Jewelry Award, USA, NICHE Las Vegas, 2011
JQ Colored Diamond Designer of the Year, USA, JQ Magazine, 2011