F.H. Clothing Co.

"I've been designing easy-to-wear, easy-to-care clothing that "loves you just the way you are" for thirty-three years. Since the very beginning, my mission statement has been unwavering: We always make sure to sew at least one strong thread of good humor into each new item we make. If one day when you're wearing our clothing, you break out into an uncontrollable smile, perhaps it's because you've touched that one strong thread that holds us together. "

The goal of the F.H. Clothing Co. is to help women find a high level of self-confidence as they learn to dress right for who they are.

Known for their clothing that is "made in the U.S.A. on purpose," and for their use of North American-made fabrics, F.H. Clothing Co. has developed an easy but arty style, and a way of introducing women to flattering clothing that fits not only their bodies, but their budgets.

The rewards over the years have been priceless. At F.H. Clothing Co., the F.H. stands for "FAT HAT," and the company has what they call a Fat Hatitude Adjustment. As they say, "All it takes is a giant step back from the mirror, a quick but confident shake of your head, sophisticated but really comfortable things to wear that make you smile, a very deep breath, and a ready sense of humor."