Filomena Booth

"To create a powerful and moving abstract image is a gratifying experience for any artist. To have that image appreciated by the viewer is an even greater joy. "

Strong composition, visual texture, bold use of color, and trusting her intuition are just some of the elements that Filomena Booth employs in creating works that elicit emotional responses from viewers. Her work, at times, may be subtle, and at other times vibrant and bold. She is a prolific painter and credits her ability to master a variety of techniques to her experience as an art teacher.

Booth considers herself an experimental abstract artist. Her paintings often begin with thin washes of paint followed by layered glazes of color. The addition of collage materials, texture, and metallics may be used to enhance the composition as it slowly emerges from the canvas. The process involves the gradual buildup of many layers of color and texture to create the final image.

Booth holds a B.A. degree in fine art education from Newark State College, now Kean University, in New Jersey. She has taken a variety of graduate courses at Montclair State College, as well as studied at the Dunedin Art Center in Florida. She has also participated in and taught several art workshops in Florida.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Raymond James Financial Annual Art Show, Raymond James Financial Center, St. Petersburg, Florida, 2001
Florida Watercolor Society - American Artist Magazine Award, Orlando City Hall, Orlando, Florida, 2003
International Society of Acrylic Painters - Lascaux/Savior Faire, Cornell Museum of Art, Delray Beach, Florida, 2003