Eloise Cotton

First Glass

"I am drawn to the natural flow of glass as it transforms from hard to soft, cold to hot. Incorporating these glass components into my neckpieces and earrings, I design my jewelry to complement the wearer, as well as to make an artistic statement."

As an artist based in the San Francisco area, Eloise Cotton draws on glassmaking experience that began thirty years ago. After moving to Southern California, she remained active and involved with glass while working as a bartender and church organist. In 1979, glass design became her primary focus.

Each glass component is free-formed in a flame fueled by propane and oxygen. The glass beads are created from borosilicate glass and then annealed in a kiln, providing great strength and durability. All of Cotton's pieces feature free-form and handmade subjects with colors made from rare earth elements including silver and gold. The finished jewelry takes advantage of the lightness and strength of borosilicate glass and reveals a sculptural quality.


Baroque Bead Dangle Jewelry
Art Glass Jewelry

by Eloise Cotton
$ 82 - $ 230
Lime Bead and Silver Earrings
Art Glass & Silver Earrings

by Eloise Cotton
$ 80
Lime Bead and Silver Necklace
Art Glass & Silver Necklace

by Eloise Cotton
$ 220
Rings Earrings
Art Glass Earrings

by Eloise Cotton
$ 95
Rings Y Necklace
Art Glass Necklace

by Eloise Cotton
$ 240
Color Calla Lily Earrings
Glass, Silver & Pearl Earrings

by Eloise Cotton
$ 110 - $ 120
Color Calla Lily Necklace
Glass & Pearl Necklace

by Eloise Cotton
$ 190
Cones Chain Y Necklace
Silver & Glass Necklace

by Eloise Cotton
$ 240
Calla Lily Pearl Necklace & Earrings
Glass & Pearl Necklace & Earrings

by Eloise Cotton
$ 110 - $ 295
Baroque Bead Necklace
Glass Bead Necklace

by Eloise Cotton
$ 250