Fleet Hower

"My work is about interrogating new methods of assembly using form and geometry."

Producing high-quality design objects is Fleet Hower's passion. Pride in both designing and producing helps him maintain quality control and ensure that the design and production phases are in tune with one another. His sculptures, called Locknesters, are created using a high-quality nontoxic polymer.

Each Locknester is made in the artist's Brooklyn headquarters using a blend of old and new techniques. Each object is digitally designed, 3-D printed, and then smoothed using a series of methods including sanding, tumbling, and buffing. During the smoothing process, every piece obtains distinct coloration, making each one unique.

Hower's background includes both a childhood preoccupied with puzzles and a formal education in architecture. Upon graduation, he launched a design office that primarily collaborated with larger companies on product development and the occasional consultation on larger buildings. Several years in, he shifted directions to focus solely on creating his own work, and the Locknesters were born.