David Forlano and Steve Ford

Ford/Forlano Art Jewelry

"We want our work to allude to things you've seen in nature, yet be compelling in its own right."

Steven Ford and David Forlano began collaborating on jewelry design in 1988. Working with polymer clay, their early works were characterized by bright colors and complex, caned cross-sectional patterns. Ford and Forlano were early innovators in what is now a popular craft material. They taught workshops nationally, self-published two calendars of polymer clay work, and Ford co-authored a how-to book on the subject.

Today, Ford and Forlano primarily make one-of-a-kind jewelry, passing pieces back and forth between themselves at different stages in the creative process. With the introduction of precious materials such as sterling silver, gold, and pearls, their work is as bold and expressive as ever. Part of their goal is to transform an inorganic, man-made material into something that looks as if it was found on the beach, or growing in the woods. The designs feature complex, layered surface treatments with mysterious and unusual colors. Ford and Forlano strive to give each element in a piece its own diverse character while maintaining a unified look as a whole.