Richard Parrish

Fusio Studio

"My glasswork explores texture and pattern, transparency and opacity, and depth in glass. My training and experience as an architect strongly influence my glass designs."

Richard Parrish is owner of and designer for Fusio Studio, a studio that produces kiln-formed glass in Bozeman, Montana. Fusio Studio glasswork includes architectural installations and design elements such as lighting, tiles, and windows; freestanding and wall-hung panels; and functional objects.

Fused glass, sometimes called warm glasswork, is made in a kiln much like a ceramics kiln. Sheet glass is cut and fit together, then fused at 1500 degrees. Crushed and powdered glass, copper, glass threads, and other materials are sometimes introduced. Shaped pieces such as light fixtures are slumped over porcelain molds after fusing flat.

"As an artist and an architect, I find inspiration in both the human-made environment and in the vast landscape of the American West where I grew up. I am fascinated by the constructed and the natural, which I often express in my work. I find that it is critical to my existence to make things with my hands. And of course, glass is an architectural building material and art glass has a long history of integration into architecture."

"Some of my works investigate ideas about site/map/place in imagery and projection, or view, to another place. Others explore notions of insight and reflecting. Purity of form, as seen in both the roundness of my bowls and the square plates, is an essential element in many of my functional pieces. The bowl forms are intended to evoke a sense of holding and balance."