Hannie Goldgewicht

"I strive to give character and beauty to each piece, making each an expression of my love of texture, design, and nature."

Hannie Goldgewicht grew up surrounded by natural beauty, nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica. Since childhood, her fascination with all forms of art has led her to explore every creative medium. The artist's passion for color, design, and nature has all come together with this line of simple clean forms that have the rustic feel of the earth combined with the repetitive texture of pine needles.

Each piece is first hand-thrown on a potter's wheel, then trimmed, fired, and finished with painting techniques and patinas. Then, the artist starts the weaving around the rim. The pine needles are hand-picked and cleaned, and woven with wax thread using the coil method.

Hannie Goldgewicht graduated with honors from the School of Fine Arts at the Universidad de Costa Rica, with an emphasis in sculpture. She then traveled through Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America, observing and being influenced by different cultures. It was on a trip to Argentina that the artist first came across pine needle basketry and began learning the technique from master fiber artist Delfa Deriu. The artist currently lives in Los Angeles, where she continues to learn and experiment.