Heather Campbell

"I consider my work an extension of life experience, designed with complexity while remaining beautifully simple."

Heather Campbell visualizes each piece she creates as an experience unto itself. Considering shape,color, texture and dimension while infusing mood and uniqueness, she plays upon our emotions and sense of individuality.Each creation is one of a kind, boasting exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Mastering a variety of techniques Campbell creates complex patterns and designs to entice the eye and spark the curious mind."Millefiori"an ancient Italian glass making process transfered to clay is an integral element in many of her creations. Millefiori has influenced the history of decorative art from ancient times until the present. Precious metals, gems, and crystals add a distinctive flair.

Heather Campbell comes from a family that encourages creative thought and artistic experimentation. Fascinated with polymer clay she has been excited to learn and share all she can about this unique art medium. Whether attending a workshop or teaching she is always learning and progressing. All of her special study and education has been through self motivated research and experimentation.

Olive Dahlia
Mixed-Media Sculpture

$ 1,200
Mixed-Media Sculpture

$ 1,200
Roll Of The Dice
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 5,600
Making Peace
Mixed-Media Wall Sculpture

$ 1,100
Inspiring Alice
Mixed-Media Wall Sculpture

$ 900
Mixed-Media Wall Sculpture

$ 1,200
Earth: I Am Safe
Mixed-Media Wall Sculpture

$ 900
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
CODA Exhibit , St. Paul MN. , Tib Shaw Gallery, 2009
Paradigm Shift / Solo show, Salt Lake City , Ut. , Finch Lane Gallery Utah Art Barn, 2009
1st place- mixed media, NA, National Polymer Clay Guild, 2008
2nd and 3rd places -sculptural objects, NA, National Polymer Clay Guild, 2009
Synergy 2, Baltimore, MD. , Tremont Plaza Hotel, 2010
Collection, Sundance Art Shack Studio and Gallery, Sundance, Ut. , 2008-2010
Collection, Art Institute Thanksgiving Poiint, Lehi, Ut. , 2009-2010