Heather Patterson

"It is my hope that my art will bring viewers a new perspective on the everyday elements that surround them, a wonder for how many things we encounter in the course of our lifetimes, and a sense of how everything has a place, regardless of how it began. "

Heather Patterson builds three dimensional sculptural mosaics using found wood, sea glass, ceramics and metals. Collecting the unremarkable evidence left behind -- items that are washed up on a beach or tossed on the street, construction materials from demolitions and renovations--Patterson takes what is overlooked and connects them to a new purpose.

Patterson begins each piece with the physical processes of cleaning, cutting, sanding, sorting, staining and drilling. Each piece of wood is allowed to find its place in the composition. Ultimately, Patterson connects with the energy of the materials to create something new.

Heather Patterson is an intuitive, self-taught artist.

Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 1,380
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 1,530
Holding Still
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 1,780
The Map is Lost
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 1,800
Hidden in the Thorns
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 1,730
Scar vs. Wound
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 1,900
Peeking Through
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 1,600