Patti Hegland and Dave Hegland

Hegland Glass

"Earlier careers in engineering and finance ingrained in us an acute attention to detail which we apply to all phases of our craft, from the complexity of our designs to the precision applied to the finishing processes used to polish and shape each piece."

Each piece of the Hegland's art glass reveals their captivation with the creativity of the design process, the technical challenge of construction, and the precision of coldworking. Their open designs reflect the rural horizons and lively waterways that surround them, and result in works that flow across edge boundaries into the world beyond.

Strong geometry and structure is inherent in the Hegland's approach as they take large sheets of glass, cut the sheets into narrow strips, and lay the strips on edge to form a complex design. When a solid piece has been fused together, the artists extensively shape, grind, sandblast and polish to enhance the visual impact and feel of their finished vessels, trays and sculpture.

While the Heglands have taken numerous workshops from outstanding glass artists to gain specific technical skills, they primarily accredit the long hours spent in their studio exploring new designs and techniques for their achievements as glass artists.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show (ACC) , Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, 2012
American Craft Show (ACC), Baltimore, MD, 2014
American Craft Council Show (ACC), convention center, Baltimore, MD, 2019
American Craft Council Show (ACC), convention center, Baltimore, MD, 2020
CraftBoston, Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA, 2011
American Craft Exposition (ACE), Chicago Botanical Gardens, Chicago, IL, 2015
Academy Art Museum Fine Craft Show, Academy Art Museum, Easton, MD, 2011
Niche Award ceremony, Philadelphia, PA, 2014
Niche Award ceremony, Philadelphia, PA, 2013
American Craft Council Show (ACC), Baltimore, MD, 2013