Helen Rudy

" I am interested in how colors mix and react to create depth and balance in the piece. I focus on the subtle effects light can have on the art."

Helen Rudy came to creating beautiful fused glass pieces from a non-traditional background in construction management. Her attention to color detail, layering, and saturation heralds back to her degree. Her crisp and clean designs clearly focus on the interaction of light and its effect on the glass.

Each piece of glass is measured and hand cut. By layering one color or many different colors on top of each other, a bright and bold design is created. The glass is first fired in a kiln to about 1500 degrees F to melting or fusing point. Sometimes a second firing is needed to create a shape. The glass can be in the kiln for several days before finishing.

Almost entirely self taught, Rudy attended workshops with Milon Townsend, and Lisa Voigt, attended the Pilchuck Scool of Glass to study with Alicia Lomne, and in 2011 studied casting Pate De Verre with Anna Boothe.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Loveland Sculpture In the Park (annual Juried show), Loveland , CO, 2010 and 2011
Beaver Creek Arts Festival ( Representing Pismo Glass Gallery), Beaver Creek, Eagle, CO, 2011