Ralph Mossman and Mary Mullaney

Heron Glass

"We chose Heron Glass for our business name because the Great Blue Heron we watched when we first met was both inspirational and elegant--qualities we always strive for in our work."

Beginning with only molten crystal and chunks of colored glass, Ralph Mossman and Mary Mullaney employ techniques developed hundreds of years ago in Europe and the mid-East. Using a wide variety of glass processes perfected through decades of practice, Mossman and Mullaney create work characterized by a balance of boldness and subtlety, intricacy and restraint, and persistent attention to quality.

Working together as the glass studio of Heron Glass, Mullaney and Mossman enjoy the opportunity to carry on the tradition of high-quality craftsmanship by making things with their hands from scratch. They believe that hand- made items possess a sense of humanity that helps to form connections between people and the places they live. Ralph Mossman and Mary Mullaney love working with the mysterious, ethereal qualities that glass has to offer.

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