Hi June Parker

HyeJun Park

"Jewelry is a guide for expressing the best version of myself. Having it worn and appreciated is the communication. I see it as a channel of communication and call it "bonding over jewelry." I like deconstructing existing forms and reconstructing them to create familiar jewelry shapes with a different perspective."

Jewelry opened a channel of communication for Park and her mom when she was growing up. During a period of difficulty in their relationship, it was when her mom spoke about her Jewelry pieces and their history that caught Park's attention and helped them converse for a long period of time. This very personal aspect of jewelry is the driving force behind her work.

Park uses a combination of hand sketching, computer rendering, 3-D printing, and hand fabrication to make her jewelry. She started her collection by sawing round tubes she collected into little slices and soldering them and forming them into organic shapes of jewelry.

Park studied Metalsmithing at Syracuse University and upon graduation, she moved to New York City for an apprenticeship at a studio making jewelry for Temple St. Clair, Elsa Peretti Tiffany, and Me&Ro. She spent 15 years in the fashion jewelry industry designing jewelry for various licensed brands and large retailers. In 2016, she launched her jewelry collection with the desire to reconnect.