Hunter Jay

"I'm intrigued by mystery and strive to capture this in anything I paint. My subject matter varies, but I invite the viewer to interpret a hidden element, which can be literal or thematic."

In his work, Hunter Jay reveals the wonder of the hidden world around us. He focuses on the geometry of the composition; the way the elements are arranged on the canvas. Often he finds that this becomes more important than the actual subject matter. His work embraces an admiration of simplicity and evokes a contemplative and peaceful place.

An acrylic painter, Hunter credits his outlook largely to the 1940 Walt Disney animated film “Fantasia,” which he first saw as a child. The fantastical world on that screen impacted him. He found he was interested in the settings for the characters in the film more than the characters themselves. He wanted to live in the depths of that mysterious, magical world.

Hunter Jay's paintings are created with multiple layers of transparent glazes. Each layer affects the next, creating an arresting depth of field. The final details are created with the finest natural liner brushes.

To this day, that is what he captures on canvas. The mystery and exotic qualities of his work make it identifiable. You'll see close up views of botanic life, but the ocean and its refracted light seize his imagination as well. That childhood experience in the movie theatre continues to fascinate him and is why his colors are so intense, vibrant, and saturated.

Largely self taught as a fine artist, Hunter Jay has an innate sense of composition that aligns with his background in graphic design, contributing to the overall illustrative impact of his work.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Wings Over The Rockies Art Show, Lowry, Denver Colorado USA, 2017
Frame by Frame Art Gallery Featured Artist, Lowry, Denver Colorado USA, 2017
Fusion Art Waterscapes Competition (2nd Place), Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs California USA, 2016
The Mask Project, Cherry Creek, Denver Colorado USA, 2016
Colors of Humanity Red Show, Everett, Everett Pennsylvania USA, 2015
Gardenscapes Exhibition, Glendale, Glendale Colorado USA, 2011
DYAO Painted Violin Exhibition, Denver, Denver CO USA, 2010
Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition (2nd Place Student Still Life), Blue Ash Ohio, Blue Ash Ohio USA, 2007
"Seasons" Best in Show, Fusion Art Gallery, Palm Springs CA, 2017
Stapleton Open Studios, Stapleton, Denver Colorado USA, 2017