Laura Hutchcroft


"I believe jewelry should be more than casual decoration. It should be a reflection of the creator and the wearer."

Influenced by the dichotomy of modern architecture in the natural world, Laura Hutchcroft's jewelry is the interplay of simple geometrics and a minimalist aesthetic. With a direct approach to composition, constructions are based on tension systems and connections are made by the simplest means. The resulting jewelry is equally prepared to make a statement and become an everyday favorite.

Each piece of Laura Hutchcroft's jewelry is created by hand using low-tech metalworking techniques: cutting, forging, bending, forming, and coaxing materials to become more than a collection of raw materials is all part of the playful creative process.

Laura Hutchcroft, the designer and maker behind Inteplei jewelry, has formal education and career backgrounds in emergency medicine, tourism administration, and business management. She is a self-taught metalsmith.

Jumble Rings Necklace
Silver & Rubber Necklace

$ 260
$ 221
Jumble Earrings
Silver & Rubber Earrings

$ 110
$ 93.50
Bungee Wrap Necklace
Multi Media Necklace

$ 110
$ 93.50
Go Lightly Earrings
Silver & Acrylic Earrings

$ 92
$ 78.20
Jumble Links Necklace
Silver & Rubber Necklace

$ 280
$ 238
Soft Geo Trio Bangles
Silver Bracelet

$ 165
$ 140.25
Jumble Dots Necklace
Silver, Glass & Rubber Necklace

$ 210
$ 178.50
Impact Necklace
Silver, Brass & Rubber Necklace

$ 210
$ 178.50
Black and White Links Necklace
Silver & Stone Necklace

$ 230
$ 195.50
B&W Square Bangles
Silver Bracelet

$ 164
$ 139.40
Retro Trio Necklace
Silver Necklace

$ 160
$ 136
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council, Cobb Galleria, Atlanta, GA, 2018
American Craft Council, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, 2017
American Craft Council, St. Paul River Centre, St Paul, MN, 2017