Jack Pine

Jack Pine Studio

"I grew up on a small farm in Southern Ohio just outside of Circleville. Living here had a profound influence on my artwork. I absolutely love all of the beautiful colors, textures, and shapes found in nature around me. Circleville has the largest pumpkin festival in the country, so it was almost destiny for me as a glass artist to make glass pumpkins. I’ve been striving to make the best glass pumpkins for over 30 years."

Jack Pine is inherently drawn to nature and has always been inspired by organic form. His body of work is influenced by his surroundings which influences his use of high saturated colors and precious metals incorporated with molten glass. Using intense and primitive methods, he is able to create unique glass pieces that are mesmerizing to see during the dance of glass blowing. After the piece has cooled, it displays craftsmanship and captures light with iridescence.

Jack creates layers of glass using raw materials with synthesized metals and shapes the glass while molten using critical glass-blowing tools. He utilizes the famous Tiffany style techniques that creates a mother-of-pearl, iridized, and lustrous appearance with silver and gold permeated throughout the work. While in a molten state, the glass flows in a liquid form requiring his undivided attention and focus. When cooled, the glass becomes an immovable yet fragile material admired all over the world.

Jack received a scholarship to study glass at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio. After finishing college, he headed West and worked in the famous glass houses of Seattle, Washington. This encouraged Jack to open his own studio in Colorado. After 15 years of operating in the mountains of Colorado, he returned to his hometown and built a new glass studio in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Southern Ohio.