Jacque Price

Jacque Price Art

"I create curious and colorful oil paintings that depict the human experience mirrored in the natural world. "

She is captivated by the depth of feeling across the spectrum of emotion, and how wild places and creatures can remind us what is true. Her aim is to connect with what unconscious parts of herself are here to be witnessed, and give them a voice. Jacque's work encourages introspection, acceptance, and belonging.

Jacque paints in oil using long handled brushes and palette knives that allow her to connect with the canvas in fluid, gestural movements echoing the dynamic postures and forms they imply. At times she focuses intently in one area of the work, as in life, but then needs to dance, scribble, experiment, and explore what else is possible - creating beauty, mystery and complexity.

Jacquelyne Sharee Price, b. 1984, graduated with a BA in Studio Art, with a painting distinction in 2007. She has been working with interior designers since 2018, showcasing her large scale works in luxury homes and corporate offices nationwide. She is the co-owner of Mountain Arts Collective, and displays work there as well as in two prominent design studios in Northern California.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Honorable Mention, Juried Competition, Wild Heart Gallery, 2023
Ongoing Group Exhibit, Mountain Arts Collective Gallery, 2020-present
Solo Exhibition, Nevada City Winery Gallery, 2021