Jamie Santellano

"While uncommon in today's modern world, I have a passion for creating designs using silversmithing techniques. The jewelry I create is not mass-produced or made by machines. Using age-old techniques allows me the freedom to skillfully create one-of-kind jewelry with Old World craftsmanship."

Passionate about creating one-of-a-kind pieces, Jamie Santellano crafts jewelry with hammered textures and precious gemstones using age-old techniques. A traveler, she finds inspiration while visiting Europe and being out in nature. Stepping out to explore brings out her creativity, which she expresses through her jewelry.

Jamie Santellano uses Old World craftsmanship to create her designs. She primarily uses sterling silver sheet and wire, but also uses 18k gold and precious gemstones. Her work is all done by hand using a variety of techniques, including sawing, filing, soldering, and chain mail. Anticlastic raising is used to add shape, while hammering textures provides a finished look.

Trained in Europe and America, Jamie Santellano took workshops in silversmithing as well as chasing and repousse. While working with a jewelry designer in Los Angeles, she was trained in jewelry and specialized in making chains. She received a certificate in silversmithing in Ireland from master silversmith Brian Clarke and a certificate in chasing and repousse in Italy from master goldsmith Davide Bigazzi.

Rose Cut Diamond Silver Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 565 - $ 625
Silver Cuff Diamond Bracelet
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 1,400 - $ 1,450
Silver Chain Bracelet
Silver Bracelet

$ 450 - $ 650
Oceano Ring
Gold & Silver Ring

$ 500
Piccolo Necklace
Gold, Silver & Stone Necklace

$ 1,860
Cerchio Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 380
Pesce Earrings
Gold, Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 1,730
Marina Cuff Bracelet
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 1,520