Jane Pellicciotto

"I enjoy making jewelry that celebrates our inherent contrasts, contradictions and beautiful flaws. Rough and refined, dark and light, playful and serious. "

The graphic designer in Pellicciotto wants to plan and make order, while the artist in her wants to explore a multitude of materials, relish the happy accidents and make beautiful mistakes that lead to new ideas. She is intrigued by the small and intimate nature of jewelry, and the unspoken connection between maker, wearer and viewer. What is made in solitude becomes something new once it leaves the studio, taking on a life of its own.

Using simple tools and traditional techniques, Pellicciotto hand fabricates each piece of jewelry one at a time. Her process might include working from sketches, making paper models, creating computer-drawn templates, or combining scrap pieces that have accumulated on her bench.

A lifelong artist and maker, Jane Pellicciotto has had a career in graphic design for over 25 years. Mostly self taught, her jewelry inspiration comes from many sources such as Japanese design, the urban environment, nature’s hidden design truths, abstract art and sculpture. She participates in juried craft shows, teaches workshops, and sells her work in galleries around the U.S.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council San Francisco, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, 2019, 2020
Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, 2018
Art in the Pearl, North Park Blocks, Portland, OR, 2017, 2019
American Craft Council Baltimore, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
American Craft Council St. Paul, RiverCentre St. Paul, St. Paul, MN, 2016, 2017, 2019