Jennifer Nauck

"The key to life, existence, survival of the planet and of the human race, is balance. Blowing glass opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the world and my place in it. I want my life and my art to be a force of change on the planet."

The importance of balance in life, art, and on the planet was a concept that Jennifer Nauck began to understand when she began experimenting with blown glass. She believes that mental and physical balance are transmitted into the fluid medium through the movements of the glassblower and are reflected in the finished piece.

Jennifer is fascinated by the qualities of glass that she sees reflected in human life: its strength, yet inherent fragility. She has always been fascinated by the transparency of glass and the way light permeates and passes through this unique medium. Her current work focuses on this transparency, as well as other characteristics of glass such as its fragility and its ability to heal itself through heat.

After forays into the horse world, academia and journalism, Jennifer began blowing glass at Glassworks Studio in Estes Park, Colorado, where she continues to work today. A mostly self-taught artist, she was shown the basics of blowing glass and turned loose in the studio after hours. Her work has evolved as her understanding of the medium has deepened, after many hours of practice and experimentation.