Jenny Foulkes

"Jewelry is intimate and sacred. I take great care in creating each and every piece I make, and I hope the wearer can feel this!"

Driven to make work that is edgy, elegant, and unique, Jenny Foulkes creates one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. Fine and precious, earthy and warm, her work has an ancient quality, as if it were unearthed from civilizations long ago. Foulkes's jewelry conjures the past and the organic process of deterioration that follows, all with a contemporary twist. It is forever wearable.

Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, Jenny Foulkes fuses, reticulates, hammers, and imprints sterling silver to create abstract organic textures. She then joins the rustic, darkened silver with alluring gemstones and the rich yellow of 18K and 22K gold. Her process is as organic as the textures she creates.

Jenny Foulkes graduated in 2011 from Oregon College of Art and Craft with a degree in metal arts. The years following, she worked as a jeweler's assistant, all the while working in her studio creating, experimenting, and discovering her own style. Today, Foulkes sells her work in galleries and at fine art shows throughout the USA.

Iolite Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 490
Layered Gold and Turquoise Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 850
Gold Dangle Necklace
Gold & Silver Necklace

$ 450
Pearl Ring
Silver & Stone Ring

$ 250
Diamond Inlay Chrysoprase Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone RIng

$ 490
Rustic Diamond Band Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 650
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Show, Baltimore, MD, USA, Baltimore Convention Center, 2018
American Craft Show, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, St. Paul RiverCentre, 2018
Contemporary Crafts Market, Pasadend, California, USA, Pasadena Convention Center, 2017
The Real Mother Goose Gallery, ., Portland, Oregon, USA, 2017-2018
Freehand Gallery, ., Los Angeles, California, USA, 2016-2018