Jenny Reeves

"I create jewelry that looks ancient yet modern, organic yet geometric. It reflects both our urban technology and our deep-seated connection to the natural world."

Jenny Reeves is a fan of geometry and juxtaposition, and her jewelry is created with attention to both. Each piece begins as a sketch, fine-tuned to maximize harmony between line, form, and proportion. Different colored metals and stones create contrast and bring the design to life.

This collection is created by fusing layers of Argentium sterling silver and 18K gold. The process develops a rich, organic texture that is balanced by clean, geometric lines. Patinas are used to create areas of light and dark, to dramatic effect. Each piece is hand-fabricated with meticulous attention to detail, and no two patterns are exactly alike.

The artist's life-long attraction to shiny objects led her to enroll in a metalsmithing class at City College of San Francisco. Deciding to pursue jewelry full-time, she enrolled at the Revere Academy of the Jewelry Arts and completed the Graduate Jeweler program. Her current work combines techniques learned from Andy Cooperman and Revere Academy instructor and Argentium expert Ronda Coryell.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
KPFA Crafts Fair, Concourse Exhibition Center, San Francisco, CA, 2010