John Wilbar

"I create artwork that investigates shape, shade, shadow, and the effects of light on an object. Each work is a continuous sculptural form that features geometric abstractions, bold colors, deep shadows, and depth of field—creating space one can visually step into. "

John Wilbar combines utility with sculptural form to create furniture that exhibits strength of mass and graceful line. Each piece is constructed using a wood panel substructure, that is airbrushed with acrylic paints, and finished with polyurethane. Each piece includes a quarter-inch tempered glass top.

Working in architectural design and construction, John Wilbar became intrigued with sculptural form. Using architectural techniques and materials from the construction trades, Wilbar developed a unique method of building sculptural furniture. A self-taught craftsman, Wilbar has been self-employed as an artist and designer for more than twenty-five years.